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What is Heatboxpro?

The Heatboxpro is a self-heating lunchbox that gives you the convenience of heating your food anywhere at any time. 

How long does the Heatboxpro take to warm up my food?

The duration depends on many factors, such as how much food and moisture are in the Heatboxpro. We recommend that you turn on the Heatboxpro an hour prior to eating and let it self-regulate its temperature where it will stay around 70°F or 21°C.

How can I clean the Heatboxpro?

Clean the Heatboxe handwashing the interior parts.

DO NOT submerge the heating base in water.


Is the Heatboxpro diswasher-safe?

We do not recommend putting the Heatboxpro in a dishwasher. 

Can I use other electrical cords with the Heatboxpro?

DO NOT use different electrical cords. The electrical cords that comes with the Heatboxpro is voltage specific. Please ONLY use the specific cord that comes with the specific Heatboxpro. 

I received my Heatboxpro. How come it doesn't have the logo?

We only recently started adding logos to the Heatboxes. As of now, only some regions will have Heatboxes with logos. They are the SAME, the specs are identical. 

Why do I have a plastic main compartment instead of a metal one?

If you ordered after November 1, 2019, you will receive a Heatboxpro with a plastic main compartment. After receiving some feedback from customers having burned their fingers, we decided to switch to a heat-safe and microwaveable alternative. 

Why did my Heatboxpro come with an outlet adapter?

Some Heatboxpro variants were made for specific regions. Starting in October, we started manufacturing all Heatboxes variants for all countries. The outlet adapter does not affect its performance.


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